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Services: Content Management (CMS)


These features are included as standard:

  • Image manager: Upload any sized Jpeg - a small, medium & large version will be added to your image library
  • Page manager: Create any number of new pages then add images text. Save to preview OR publish live at a later date
  • Navigation manager: Amend your navigation for your new pages with our multi-level navigation editor
  • Search engine optimisation: Stick with your default Search engine phrases or make each page unique with our SEO builder

Additional modules can be added and customised to suit your requirement by ECC

CMS module features

News Module

This is great for easily keeping your site fresh and up to date. It is often run with a summary column of latest news on the home page and a list of all items on the main news page

On 'click' the full article is show in a semi transparent overlay

Try it here


Gallery Module

Like the News module this is great for easily keeping your site fresh and up to date. It is often run with a summary column of most recent items on the home page

On mouse over a Medium images is shown and on 'click' the full image is show in a semi transparent overlay

Try it here


If you want to add some interest to your site try the Mouseover Popups. This adds text, or text and images, to liven up your content or add important contextual information.

You can also create a link to a CMS page or external web page using PopUp Windows: - this adds an Popup 'Opaque' overlay window to the link. Simply select an item from the content managed pages library or type in an external webpage


This needs little explaination as you are using it now!

A template is provided to add a tabbed table - just replace the content with your own.

This is useful to contain a lot of information in one area.


Having the ability to control the navigation bar allows complete freedom to add more pages and adapt your site to any new developments that your replica watches uk business might take.

The navigation bar is multi level where top level items have drop down sections so that the site is organised in a heirachical or 'Groups' fashion

Page management

You can add or edit pages, insert text images, tables and much more. A simple search function is available so you can quickly find the page you want to edit

After saving changes you can preview and only post 'live' when you are ready to do so.

These can then be linked to in the navigation manager.


You can upload an  image using the image upload manager and it will be optimised for web use. A small, medium and large version will be created in your image library.

Images are available to drag into your page editor from the image library. They can then be aligned or 'Floated to the right as these are so the that text 'Flows' around them.

You can delete images via admin, 'Delete images'

Document management

Upload documents to your library and then easily link to them via the 'insert link' tool.

Just select some text, chose the 'Link' tool and browse your documant library.


Sortable tables [compact and searchable]

Add a large data table but show only the first 10 rows - the user can search the full table, sort by headings and page through first, next prev and last page.

Templates are provided to add this feature - its easy to add, or remove, columns and rows



Page description: Content management, CMS, database driven pages | Content management, CMS, database driven pages
Page summary: Content management, CMS database driven pages

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