Newsletter - New Year Issue

In this issue:

Spent all your hard earned pennies over Christmas? - well here's a New Year's gift (courtesy of jQuery) which will earn you pennies for next xmas!

In the last newsletter we showed you how to see the percentage of web visitors converting into Sales or Leads by setting 'Goals' within Google Analytics.   This time we look at quick, cost-effective ways of dramatically improving the user experience - all of which build greater trust for a prospective client - in order to boost such conversions.

'jQuery' is essentially a collection of utilities to enhance the user experience - it allows developers to create some of the better user interfaces & effects that you may have seen on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and many other high profile websites.

jQuery Gift #1: Improve the look of your Alert popups

We've all seen it - a nicely designed enquiry form - let down by the clunky-old Alert window.  Well now it is a simple task to move up to a more modern style of alert using a jQuery plugin...

Upgrade easily from the old standard style... a far more modern look
(which can also be customised using CSS styling)

Such a transformation can take as little as 15 minutes work to achieve and sets your website apart in terms of customer perception.

jQuery Gift #2: Text popups

Standard tool-tips lack impact -

Adding Jquery tool-tips is visually much more exciting!

This feature is already built into our own CMS systems - allowing you to easily add this function to your own web pages.

jQuery Gift #3: Modal windows

A Modal window is one that opens in an invisible inner  frame - often with an opaque background.

This is often used to display forms, text or a gallery of images

Here is a login link

Here is the login form on top of the original window

This feature is already built into our own CMS system making it a simple job to add to your own web pages.

jQuery comes with a great many add-ons, generally all freely available for use, often making us feel like kids in a sweet shop!  Don't get left behind - ask us which of the features might benefit the look and usability of your own website. It all leads towards building customer confidence - which leads to higher conversion rates.

And lastly, from all of us at E-CC, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year in 2010.