Keeping your Website Current - September 2011

Web Tips - September 2011 
In this issue:

Web user's expectations are constantly on the 'up'. Here's a couple of cost effective ways to get your website looking more current to convert more visitors into sales & leads...

It's worth knowing that there are many freely available javascript libraries and plug-ins to enhance the user experience - allowing web developers to easily create some of the better user experiences that you may have seen on LinkedIn, Google and other popular websites. Presenting your web visitors with a more current feel will generally build trust and instill confidence - leading to higher leads/sales conversions.


Easy Improvement #1 - Focus on Quality Images:

Focus attention on close-up images using a lightbox effect

Using a 'Modal' window around larger images will focus a user's attention...  These can be used to draw a visitors' attention to a close-up image (even a whole gallery), and we know that presenting quality images in this way can really help sell a product or idea.  For example - a regular gallery for a skiing brochure might be presented as follows... 

Regular Gallery Image

Clicking an image zooms into the close-up with a darkened background over the page behind ...

Close-up of image

This is generally a fairly easy task to incorporate into most regular html website structures.
As Web Developers and e-Business Analysts we recognised the importance of this particular feature and built it directly into our own content managed websites - so that it became a breeze for everyone to use.


Easy Improvement #2 - Alerts:

Improve the look of your Alert popups

A simple yet often overlooked aspect - that of an enquiry form page using the regular/dull Alert popup to alert a user when something is incomplete.  Well now it's an easy task to move up to a more modern style of alert using a plugin...

Example of the the typical style...

These are easy to upgrade to a more current look
(and can also be customised further with your own branding & styles if required)...

These transformations are simple to achieve and is yet another way to set your website apart in terms of customer perception.



These are just two simple examples - but there are a great many such improvements, mostly all freely available for use. So rather than allowing your web pages to be left behind looking forgotten and unloved - ask us which of the features might benefit the current look and usability of your own website.  

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