Striving for "Subliminal Clarity" in Web Design

A website designed using  'Subliminal Clarity' usability concepts allows a user to know exactly where they are now and what to do next.

Not just another buzzword, 'Subliminal Clarity' is a usability design concept that we aim for with each web development or design project. Since the arrival of Web 2.0 we find the most effective websites are those centred on creating a great user experience with visual simplicity. Proven SEO techniques too can also be achieved in a way that a screen does not become heavy-going on the reader.

In short, a web design or application built using the Subliminal Clarity concept allows a user to know exactly where they are now and what to do next, using as few textual instructions as possible cluttering the screen. If required, contextual help can usually be activated with mouse-over icons. This allows a website to clearly promote the products or subject matter to the best advantage without making the screen too busy. We are now actively promoting and utilising this design concept wherever appropriate.

Most web designers would agree that most web users lose interest in long lines of text. Keeping a users' attention in a web page is just not the same as for readers of a magazine. On the Web, less is definitely more - so we use less words, more symbols, pictures & meaningful icons to create a user experience that is both fluid and intuitive.

If a picture can paint a thousand words - we can use that to your great advantage.

November 2012